Recertification Information

Recertification serves the following purposes:

  • Helps individuals remain current on trends in leadership, business, public service, and technology;
  • Enables better service within public sector organizations and to the communities they serve;
  • Gives technology leaders the skills needed to take part at the executive table;
  • Improves quality of work and relationships between technology departments and other departments;
  • Raises the professionalism of the technology industry;
  • Provides opportunities among peers for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices; and
  • Encourages technology leaders to reach beyond the normal areas of service and seek ways to creatively collaborate.


To maintain the CGCIO certification, participants are required to complete 120 professional development hours every three years starting July 1 of the graduation year. The professional development hours should be as follows:

  • 40 must be from leadership-focused work or educational offerings.
  • 40 must be from formal (in classroom) educational settings.


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