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Certifications provide public sector technology professionals with educational experiences that will enhance their abilities to serve as leaders in their jurisdictions and behalf of the state.

Certification programs are open to technology professionals at all levels in state agencies as well as in any city, county, school district, constitutional office, quasi-governmental, or non-profit organization. Technology professionals in private companies are accepted at the discretion of program leadership. Eligibility is not limited to Florida-based professionals; out-of-state participants are welcome to apply.

CPTM Certification: The Certified Public Technology Manager Program (CPTM) serves those in or working toward a team leader, supervisory or managerial role. It is aimed at emerging and current team, departmental and project leaders who wish to expand their management skills. Learn more...
CGCIO™ Certification: The Certified Government Chief Information Officer (CGCIO™) program serves those who presently are or who are working toward executive leadership positions as Chief Information Officers or those functioning in a CIO capacity. Learn more...

The CPTM program's 6-month cycle begins each July. Learn more...
The CGCIO™ program is 12 months long and also begins each July. Learn more...

Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEUs) provide professional leaders with opportunities to remain current on the most current trends in leadership, business, public service, and technology. In addition, recertification demonstrates that technology leaders hold the skills needed to take an active role at the executive table, maintain key interpersonal relationships between technology departments and other departments, and raises the overall professionalism of the technology industry.

Following graduation from the Florida Institute of Government CGCIO Program, recertification terms are three years in length and begin on July 1 and end on June 30th of the subsequent 3rd year.

After completing the CGCIO Program at the Florida Institute of Government (FIOG), you will be automatically certified for the three years following graduation. However, you must actively obtain approved Continuing Education Unit Credit Hours (CEUs) during that same three-year period to renew your certification status by June 30th of the third year to maintain your certification status.

You are required to take 120 hours of approved Continuing Education Unit Credit Hours (CEUs) according to the categories, specifications, and guidelines found on the recertification section of the website.

The CPTM Program does not have a recertification requirement, and therefore, the date the credential was obtained reflects the program's graduation date. For the furtherance of their leadership education, and depending on the current or desired role within the organization, CPTM Graduates are encouraged to apply to the CGCIO Florida Program.

Assuming that you have met all of the exact requirements as a graduate of the programs of the FIOG, it may be possible. Doing so will require some additional steps to formalize a recertification plan. We recommend that you contact to discuss options on a case-by-case basis.

At this time, there is no cost to recertify and maintain your CGCIO Certifications.

Absolutely! There are no requirements to be employed at all, or within local government, to maintain your certification.

Absolutely! There are no requirements to be employed at all, or within the field of IT, to maintain your certification.

We encourage you to register and participate in our newly formed CGCIO Certified Alumni Program. This program allows graduates to participate in CGCIO and CPTM functions, events, activities, and ongoing philanthropic efforts without the need to obtain any future Continuing Education Unit Credit Hours (CEUs). More information can be obtained on the website under the “Certified Alumni” Section. In addition, for the nominal annual fee to be a member, your name will still appear as a “Certified Professional,” and you will receive the “Certified Alumni” designation instead of the active “Certified Through” year designation.

Important information and definition criteria for Continuing Education Unit Credit Hours (CEUs) can be found in the recertification section of the website. General categories include classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, presenting & public speaking, teaching in an academic setting, board membership, CGCIO™/CPTM service, publication, other program certifications, and applicable college course work. We are also here to assist you anytime. Please email for any needed guidance on the recertification process.

In these instances, the Florida Institute of Government will allow CEUs to be added to a prior term, after the 3-year time window has expired, under the following three conditions. First, your request to recertify is within six years of your last approved recertification period. Second, efforts to obtain CEU Hours were made during those past six years. And third, supporting evidence has been submitted and approved by the Florida Institute of Government.

It is possible but will require additional steps to formalize a recertification plan. We recommend that you contact to discuss options on a case-by-case basis.

To upload evidence of recertification hours, go to the website. Click “Sign In” found at the top right of the page. Enter your username and password. Once logged in to your member account, click “My Recertification” from the top menu. Next, find your current open recertification period and click on the date range. Your Recertification Summary page will appear. Scroll down to the Pending Recertification Credits box and click the button “Add Recert Credit”. The submission box will appear. Please be sure to fill out all information:

  • Date Attended: The date the course/event was attended/presented.
  • Category: Choose the appropriate category from the dropdown list.
  • Leadership Credits: Click here for more information regarding Leadership Hours vs. Other Hours.
  • Number of Units: Recertification credit will be awarded at a rate of 1 professional development hour per hour of attendance in an educational session at any technology or leadership-related workshop, seminar, class, or conference that is taught or approved by an accredited institution. Click here for more information on credit hours from other sources.
  • Submission Name: Title of the course/event.
  • Submission Details: Summary and brief statement explaining how the course/event enhanced your work as an IT leader and your organizational or departmental mission or strategic plan.
  • Supporting Documentation: Upload documentation proving method of training, hours received and attendance or completion. Supporting documentation includes agendas, programs, certificate of attendance/completion, letter/email showing your name, the event or session, and the hours of attendance, etc.

Upon completion, click "Save & Close". The submission will appear on your record and will be reviewed and approved/rejected by CGCIO within 30 days.

To submit proof of attendance, please upload your completion certificates, formal agendas, transcripts, or other documented evidence of your material participation to the recertification portal. Instructions for utilizing the online portal are located in the “How do I recertify” section above.

Please email for any needed guidance on the recertification process.